videos in reverse chronological order…
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From Daydreams To Stage – our Behind the Scenes presentation from MAGfest 2018 – NEWEST!!!

Aria Kart premiere at MAGfest 2018 – NEWEST!!!

Super Smash Opera announcement to perform ARIA KART at MAGfest 2018!!!

Official “MAGfest” video footage of our 2017 “Orchestra Edition” performance

Super Smash Opera got into Magfest 2016!!!  – we asked Pikachu to help with our youtube announcement that we will be a Featured Event at MAGfest 2016. Sean Lenhart ‘translates’ the pika-speak;) Enjoy!

Super Smash Opera at Magfest 2016 Teaser (Application Pending!) – update about our plans to add an orchestra to our next Magfest appearance!

Thank you, Magfest 2015!!!  – cast and crew thank those who helped with our premiere!

Armed Gamer interviews our team after the premiere at MAGfest – interview with Armed Gamer

Super Smash Opera @ MAGFest 13 – full show recording of our January premiere at Magfest 2015 including the QA session which followed the performance

We took some of our puppets to the Dethlehem show at Magfest – headbanging Pokemon, anyone?

We got into Magfest! Hear it from Luigi (and Mario) – animated teaser featuring Luigi

Super Smash Opera – the Trailer/Teaser – our application video for MAGFest 2015 featuring the cast and description of our show concept