Our Fabulous Orchestra

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 1.42.41 PMAnd now a message from Orchestra Director, Ben Wallace! “Creating Aria Kart for this year’s Magfest has been an immense undertaking for both the cast and the musicians. Alongside writing a new script with all new props and sound effects, (not to mention an entirely new score and selection of songs,) we’ve doubled the size of the orchestra and brought in some super awesome musicians from across the VGM community. Joining us for the premiere of Aria Kart is an all star ensemble comprised of The Videri String Quartet, Triforce Quartet, DiscoCactus, Bassoonify, GameBrass, and a full choir. Special thanks goes out to all of our musicians and collaborators in the orchestra pit for their hard work, fantastic playing, and willingness to show up for a 7:30am rehearsal at Magfest. You guys rock:)” See our show TODAY at MAGfest!!! 6pm in Panels 3 and our behind the scenes panel is sunday at NOON!!!!


New Cast Member: Tim Rosko

Welcoming another new member of our ARIA KART cast for 2018, Tim Rosko will be taking on the role of Luigi!

Hello all! I am so excited to join the cast of Super Smash Opera and incredibly honored to be playing Luigi! As the youngest child, I was almost always forced to be player 2. But overtime I grew to love the taller, greener brother and I began choosing him willingly. Last year I had the opportunity to sing in a different Mario-based opera for the role of Luigi and grew even more connected to our verdant friend. I can’t wait to see what Aria Kart has in store for Luigi and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of it! – Tim Rosko

Learn more about Tim on his bio page!

New Cast Member: Doug Perry!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnnouncing the newest member of our cast, the fabulous Doug Perry :

“I am thrilled to join the cast of Super Smash Opera’s sequel (currently in development), ARIA KART, as the role of Donkey Kong!  As a classical percussionist by trade and a gamer by passion, I was happy to participate in the MagFest 2016 presentation of Super Smash Opera as a percussionist.  Playing in the pit is fun, but I’ve always envied those who get to stand on stage.  I’m so excited to finally have that opportunity!”

Learn more about Doug at his bio page, here.
We have more news to share as winter approaches, so stay tuned for more awesome updates!


Introducing New Cast Member: Ashley!

We are excited to announce the newest member of Super Smash Opera, Ashley Watts!

“I am super excited to be playing the role of “Princess Peach” in the sequel to Super Smash Opera, Aria Kart. I have always enjoyed an incredibly broad range of musical interests, and I love SMASHing them together to create something new. What better way to blend the best of the old with the… well I guest Mario Brothers is getting pretty old too!!! I am very excited to blend classical music with the likes of such a well loved game as Mario Cart. Well… unless your friends get a little too happy with their blue shells. >:- )

Learn more about Ashley on her Bio Page HERE.



Members of Super Smash Opera have lent their perspective on classic music and classic games, but now they tackle classic literature in a new project, The Dracula RadioPlay ExperienceSmashmembers Bonnie Bogovich, Liz Rishel, and Sean Lenhart have teamed up with Gwen Schmidt and Judy Kirby to produce a radio play podcast version of Bram Stoker’s beloved masterpiece, Dracula.  This radio play features a full cast of characters, sound effects, and thematic music to set the tone of the drama.  To complete the experience, each episode of this novel is released on the date that each character chronicles the happenings, so the listener may feel the passage of time as the story unfolds.