“The Pit”- Our Orchestra and Chorus

26730708_10211722887691437_1848100120534533124_nFor the premiere of Super Smash Opera in 2015 at MAGfest, Music Director Bonnie Bogovich created electronic, orchestra arrangements of the arias to accompany the singers.
For our 2016 show, we got to, for the first time ever, perform with a LIVE ORCHESTRA! We enlisted the help of Sebastian Wolff and Ben Wallace to arrange the music and assemble the orchestra, and Jesse Buddington to direct and assemble the choir. Musicians at MAGfest playing every instrument imaginable volunteered to perform with us to a standing-room-only crowd!
For MAGfest 2018, the team returned to create a new show called ARIA KART with a new story and a new set of arrangements. Ben Wallace returned to arrange and assemble the orchestra with Jesse Buddington returning to direct and assemble the choir. We again put together an even larger, more robust orchestra of volunteer musicians attending MAGfest. Without the support of our amazing musicians, we would not have been able to put on such an amazing show.