Now its the Final Round / Jiggly Reprise

“Now it’s the Final Round / Jiggly Reprise / Dammit Stop Floating / Death of a Puff” – Hand/Jigglypuff
based on “Don Giovanni A Cenar Teco” (Commanda) from Mozart’s Don Giovanni “Un Bel Di” from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, and “Ride of the Valkyries” from Wagner’s  Die Walküre

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Now its the Fiiiiiiinal Round
Your deaths all I have planned
Your endings shall be found
at each others hands….

Jigglypuff….. oh, Jifflypuff….Jiggly….

(spoken) You’re Still Here!

Dammit, stop floating
always you’re gloating
breaking the ruuuules wherever you can

Just stay on the ground you
just like the pikachu
so I can cruuush you
with my master hand!

Just stay on the ground, like others have found,
its best when you play like everyone else…
And then they can pound, you finally POUND you
then the fight would be fair… and….
dammit just stop it just stop it stop floating you… (chases Jigglypuff)

Oh Jigglypuff… oh Jiggly!
Ohhhh Jiggly… puff, Jigglypuff….
Jiggly…. (Master Hand punts her offstage) PUFF!!!!!!!!!