Mario, Mario, Mario

“Mario, Mario, Mario” sung by Luigi
based on “Largo al Factotum” from Rossini’s The Barber of Seville
lyrics by Sean Lenhart

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Mario Mario
mario mario mario mario mario…
Mar. I. O.

Oi vey! I can’t abide his stupid mustache.
Constantly smiling. stealing the fame!
His stupid name’s on every game.

Mario’s our hero! Mario’s an Allstar!
Mario must now fight with my Death Stare.

Hey! Mario! You nit!
Heya! Mario! You’re shit!

Mario smells. Mario sucks. Mario stinks. Mario blocks,
all of my plans, stole’a my girl, ate’a my lunch, make’a me hurl.

Mario cannot control’a his diet that’s why he will die of diabetes.

First he’s a plumber and then he’s a hero
and then he’s a golfer and then he’s a teacher
and then he’s referee then he’s a doctor
and then he drives karts which are named after him.

Then he’s a painter and then he plays tennis
and then throws a party and teaches a’ typing
and plays basketball,soccer, baseball and congas
and Rides his friend Yoshi ‘cross the galaxy.

He is my brother and I despise him.
All that I do is meant to deride.
This fratricide
Restores my pride
Thus heeeeee muuuuuuuuust die!