Jesse Buddington

headshots-jesse“Mario”, “Starfox”,  “Pichu”

Magfest January 2015 thru Magfest January 2018

Jesse, Tenor/Countertenor, is thrilled to be a part of this project. Jesse’s lifelong love of singing began at age 6, when he joined the Ragazzi Boys’ Chorus. After attending the San Francisco School of the Arts as a vocalist, he completed a Vocal Performance degree at UC Santa Cruz. While studying for his degree, Jesse participated in UCSC’s renowned opera department in a variety of roles, working alongside many of the musicians whom would later form, a support platform for independent musicians. Although Loudr takes up the bulk of his time these days, Jesse is happiest on stage, whether as the director of Ragazzi’s Young Men’s Ensemble or performing with its elite alumni ensemble, Ragazzi Continuo. He also maintains a private voice studio and is the tenor soloist at Trinity Episcopal Church in San Francisco. His most recent projects have been playing the reluctant hero in the Steampunk musical “Any Moment Now”, and doing some composition of his own on the soundtrack to the Vespertine Circus’ “Hinge”, for which he also recorded vocals. In his questionably-existent free time, Jesse likes to play video games – his spirit animal is Snorlax.