Helmet Auto-Recit

“Helmet Auto-Recit” – Starfox
original composition by Jesse Buddington
based on Baroque opera recitatives

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My friends, my friends, my friends!

Put up thine arms a moment, and lend to me thine ears.
Attend ye to this tale of woe which here unfolds before us.
We, the heroes of Nintendo, despite our strength and passion,
have been manipulated by that most dexterous, and sinister of fiends.

For so hath he plotted, and hath played us all against one another…
And he hath crushed our friend – our most noble friend:
(Jigglypuff interlude)

No, my friends! We cannot abide these vile machinations!
Stand with me!
Take up sword, and magic, and stare DEATH into the palm of the foe!

It is only together, as one, that we may hope to win this day!
Hearken ye, unto what the Fox doth say.