Fire Flower Duet

“Fire Flower Duet” Link and Shiek (aka Zelda)
based on “Dôme épais le jasmin/ Sous le dôme épais où le blanc jasmin” (Flower Duet) from Delibes’  Lakmé
lyrics by Liz Rishel

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This (precious) fireflower
(It) Does (in me) inspire
Memories of someone I fondly hold dear.
If (I pick for her) I should grant
This (ever) flaming plant
Would my true love appear?

Ah, (distinctly) I remember
In (each petal, leaf, and) each ember
Those certain eyes, certain smile.
I love the way those eyes would glisten and shine.
Love the way that smile would echo in mine.
Ah, Hyrule’s own flower
I have not seen
In a
Long time
But then…

If I should need or I desire
Flower (burning) of my fire
May some day return and appear….