Ashley Watts

Cast Member – “Princess Peach”

Performances: Magfest January 2018

Ashley ‘SonikBuster’ Watts is an arranger and composer. She has worked on several VGM projects such as Chronicles of Time, NIBEL: Ori and the Blind Forest Remixed, and SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed. She also composed the original soundtrack for the upcoming game ‘Miracle Mia’. When she’s not working on music you can find her streaming video games on her twitch channel, cooking some tasty Thai food, playing with her family, or singing in random places.

“I am super excited to be playing princess peach in the upcoming performance of ‘Aria Cart’. I have always enjoyed an incredibly broad range of musical interests, and I love SMASHing them together to create something new. What better way to blend the best of the old with the… well I guest Mario Brothers is getting pretty old too!!! I am very excited to blend classical music with the likes of such a well loved game as Mario Cart. Well… unless your friends get a little too happy with their blue shells. >:- )”
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