MAGES at Magfest 2020

Though we are not performing either of our shows at Super MAGfest this year, many of our cast and crew will be onsite this weekend doing talks, performing in bands, lecturing, jamming, and more.  For example, you can catch Super Smash Opera creative team members Marjorie Rishel, Liz Rishel, and Bonnie Bogovich on the MAGES (Music and Gaming Educational Symposium) track with their talk “Engaging Fandoms: Guidelines for Successful Fanfiction” at 8pm this Thursday in the Mages Forum!

Ever wonder what makes some fanfiction shine? Members of the creative teams behind Super Smash Opera, Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera, and Draconis Wicked are here to share their thoughts on parodies and derivative works. Topics include following the rules of an existing genre, and learning what helps your narrative and what hurts it. Creators will share their experience writing for their comics, operas, audio dramas, and more. Fun insights for all kinds of creators and fans alike.