Engaging Fandoms at MAGfest 2019

47194739_2012652165483674_2766419131484864512_nWe are excited to announce that three Super Smash Opera founding members, Liz Rishel, Marjorie Rishel, and Bonnie Bogovich will be speaking at MAGFest 2019 (now known as Super MAGfest) this January.  Catch our talk “Engaging Fandoms: Crafting Stories for an Established Audience” on Friday, 10AM in room Panels 1:
“Fan fic writers rejoice! A few of the creatives behind ‘Super Smash Opera’ and ‘Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera’ are here to share their thoughts on parodies and derivative works. We tackle sticky topics including how to work with established characters, how to hold your audience’s attention, setting a tone, and listening to feedback. Fun insights for all kinds of creators and fans alike.”