Puppetry Guild Show n Tell

puppetshowntellThe crafty members of our team presented our puppets and costume tricks at the Puppetry Guild of Pittsburgh meeting at the Braddock Carnegie Library this Sunday. Marjorie Rishel demonstrated how the Pikachu, Pichu, and Jigglypuff were made. Liz Rishel demonstrated how the Zelda/Shiek transformation dress works and the invention of the half human IceClimber outfits, and James Newsome showed off Master Hand’s animatronic and foam construction! Assisted by Puppetry Guild member, and Smash Opera performer, Bonnie Bogovich.

We were also able to take a look at the fabulously colorful tall puppets made by Cheryl Capezzuti, seen in the last couple photos.  You can actually borrow them from the library for your puppet needs! Many thanks to the Puppetry Guild of Pittsburgh, and the Braddock Library, for having us!

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