Link vs The Bwak Choir

tribute64bannerartSuper Smash Opera member Bonnie Bogovich (who plays “Link” in our show) has a cameo in the The N64 Tribute album by Patient Corgi. You can hear a frolicking and frustrated “Link” musically fighting a feathery flock of puppet chickens in the track “Link versus The Bwak Choir” aka “Showdown at Lon Lon Ranch” on Disc 2: Water to the tune of “Lon Lon Ranch” from Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

We are happy that finally The Bwak Choir and our Super Smash Opera had the chance to join forces! Want to listen and chat with the creators and fans online?
Check out the Tribute Album 64 Listening Party (Disc 2: Water) on October 10th!