Steam the Opera

cropped-cropped-steam_blackSuper Smash Opera’s own Transforming Soprano, Liz Rishel (Zelda/Sheik, Ice Climber, Pikachu) has just launched the Kickstarter Campaign for her new project, Steam ~ or  ~ The Specters of the Knox Mill along with Sean Lenhart (Luigi, Ganondorf, Pikachu), Jordan Speranzo (Star Fox, Pichu- Pittsburgh Performances), and William Strom (Mario- Pittsburgh Performances).    Steam is a steampunk rock opera ghost story that will be filmed as a movie and released online, and set in Industrial Revolution Pittsburgh.  Bonnie Bogovich (Link, Ice Climber, JigglyPuff) and Jim Newsome (Master Hand) will be featured as singing members of the ‘Board of Directors’ and Bonnie will be helping backstage with production and sound design. Check out their Kickstarter campaign to see how you can help this new project!