Replay FX recap

11836812_868690733213162_6144098378424352802_nby Liz Rishel

On August 1st, Super Smash Opera had the pleasure of appearing as musical guests at Replay FX, Pittsburgh’s first pinball/arcade expo, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Groggy and bleary-eyed, the team shook off the dust and pulled out the high notes for a 10:30 AM performance, for as crew member and announcer MaryLou Lenhart put it, “10:30 AM is not an opera singer’s natural habitat.” But with the help of a few swinging swords, we quickly found our stride, and shook hands with an unexpected audience member- Walter Day, iconic video game record-keeper, and the founder of Twin Galaxies.

The venue that Replay FX Director Mark Steinman helped arrange for us was spacious and accommodating, with plenty of backstage space, tech ports for our audio, projection space for our subtitles, and luxurious stadium seating for our audience. The early-day timing of the performance accommodated for a large number of children to attend, some of whom stayed to meet us after the show, and even sent us fan art! Replay FX marked the second of the two shows that we performed with William Strom playing Mario and Jordan Speranzo playing Starfox and Pichu, both of whom stepped in to sub for San Francisco resident tenor, Jesse Buddington.

After the show, the team enjoyed the rest of the day playing pinball and arcades, but took special delight in the numerous adult-sized inflatable play-sets, including an obstacle course, a human fly wall, and our personal favorite- a colosseum where 4 people compete to knock each other over with a giant wrecking ball. Replay FX helped put the Smash back in Super Smash Opera as we delightfully clobbered each other and tossed ourselves into plush, bouncy walls.

A wonderful time was had by all, and we are very grateful for the kind and generous hospitality of the good people at Replay FX!