Super Smash Opera’s Confluence Panel Schedule

microphonePanelistsThis Saturday, July 25th,  we will be at Confluence, Pittsburgh’s Scifi/Fantasy/Horror Literary Conference. In addition to our live performance at 8pm, members of our cast and crew will be speaking as panelists in several different sessions between 11 am and 11 pm that day in topics ranging from comedy musicals to gender in fiction and horror:

Sean Lenhart (Luigi/Ganondorf/Pikachu) will be a panelist on “The Year in Science,” where he will postulate about the recent scientific advances and their effect on the sci-fi genre.  Marjorie Rishel (Story Director/Soft Puppet Fabricator/Stage Manager) will participate in a panel called “Gender in Fantasy” where she will discuss the role that gender plays in the characters of her web comics, “Urban Underbrush” and “Draconis Wicked.”  Edwin Huang (Trailer Videographer) will speak on his various film experiences in the panel “What it Takes to Make An Indie Film.”  Bonnie Bogovich (Link/Jigglypuff/Ice Climber), Liz Rishel (Zelda/Sheik/Ice Climber/Pikachu), Sean, and Marjorie will all speak on the panel “Once More With Laughter” about what goes into making a story-based musical project.  Bonnie will speak about her experience as a sound/music designer at Schell games (as well as the Super Smash Opera Music Director) at a presentation titled “Audioscapes for Created Worlds.”  Following the performance of Super Smash Opera, the whole team will meet for a Q & A about the show.  Finally, Bonnie and Liz will get together as panelists on “Women in Horror” to discuss how they wrote the two female leads in their first collaborative opera, Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera.  
If you’re coming for the show, consider staying for the panels to see how it all came together and so much more. Weekend passes available online, single day passes available at the door. Registration info.