MAGfest Premiere!

Thank you all who came out to see the galactic premiere of Super Smash Opera at MAGFest! What a great audience thank you all who came out!!!

Many thanks to Armed Gamer for mentioning us in their MAGfest Day 1 Recap and to the DC Stunt Coalition for letting us use their mats for our show!

Sad you missed our performance? The MAGFest recording of our premiere is now on YouTube! We are planning on making our own multi-camera edit in the future but till then enjoy! The footage below includes the full show plus the QA we had afterwards. Again, many thanks to all who came out to see us and extra thanks to those who stayed for the QA:)

Who says puppets can’t have fun at MAGFest too? Check out what happened later in the weekend when the Pokemon from our show wandered into a metal concert by fellow Pittsburgher musicians, Dethlehem.

We have lots more people to thank and things to say, report, update, etc regarding the future of Super Smash Opera so stay tuned:)