Link vs The Bwak Choir

tribute64bannerartSuper Smash Opera member Bonnie Bogovich (who plays “Link” in our show) has a cameo in the The N64 Tribute album by Patient Corgi. You can hear a frolicking and frustrated “Link” musically fighting a feathery flock of puppet chickens in the track “Link versus The Bwak Choir” aka “Showdown at Lon Lon Ranch” on Disc 2: Water to the tune of “Lon Lon Ranch” from Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

We are happy that finally The Bwak Choir and our Super Smash Opera had the chance to join forces! Want to listen and chat with the creators and fans online?
Check out the Tribute Album 64 Listening Party (Disc 2: Water) on October 10th!

Pittsburgh Puppet Slam

13923439_10154551394516264_6961337438561898789_oSince our show has so many puppet-enhanced sequences and characters, we are delighted to represent at the first “Puppetry Guild of Pittsburgh” event, the Pierogi Power Puppet Slam this Saturday, August 20th at The Union Project! Bonnie Bogovich (“Jigglypuff”) and James Newsome (“Master Hand”) will be performing one of their favorite sequences, “Death of a Puff” featuring tunes by Puccini, Wagner, and Mozart! Stop by for an evening packed with a variety of puppet performances, laughs, bwaks, and pierogie!

Super Smash Con, here we come!

smashcon-squareWe are performing our original show, with the original cast,  LIVE at Super Smash Con on Saturday August 13th at 1:30pm on the “Dream Land Stage”!

Seems a match made in heaven… our names are sooo similar:) Looks like a fun weekend of live music, arcade games, and tournaments! Stop by and say Hi!

Super Smash Con, August 11th-14th
Chantilly, Virginia

Facebook event for our performance:

Don Giovanni: An experiment in Vampire awesomeness!

DG1When Bonnie Bogovich and Liz Rishel worked with the rest of the Super Smash Opera team to re-write the words to classic opera, the last thing they were expecting was to be approached by the artistic director of an established opera company to ask them to do it all over again. But that’s exactly what happened when Mary Beth Sederburg, Artistic Director of Undercroft Opera, asked them to help her realize her dream- to merge one of her favorite Mozart operas, Don Giovanni, with one of her favorite stories, Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

“Can we get carried away with the theme?” Yes. “Can we draw parallels to specific characters?” Yes. “Can we have a whole aria about blood?” Sure. Why not….. (more…)

Steam the Opera

cropped-cropped-steam_blackSuper Smash Opera’s own Transforming Soprano, Liz Rishel (Zelda/Sheik, Ice Climber, Pikachu) has just launched the Kickstarter Campaign for her new project, Steam ~ or  ~ The Specters of the Knox Mill along with Sean Lenhart (Luigi, Ganondorf, Pikachu), Jordan Speranzo (Star Fox, Pichu- Pittsburgh Performances), and William Strom (Mario- Pittsburgh Performances).    Steam is a steampunk rock opera ghost story that will be filmed as a movie and released online, and set in Industrial Revolution Pittsburgh.  Bonnie Bogovich (Link, Ice Climber, JigglyPuff) and Jim Newsome (Master Hand) will be featured as singing members of the ‘Board of Directors’ and Bonnie will be helping backstage with production and sound design. Check out their Kickstarter campaign to see how you can help this new project!

Smashing Success at MAGfest 2016!

DSC00181MAGfest 2016 was an amazing adventure for Super Smash Opera. The “Orchestra Edtion” was a smashing success (pun intended), where we completely filled Panels 1 (room capacity 900) to a standing-room-only capacity and they had to turn people away at the door. What a fabulous audience! We are completely blown away by everyone who supported us by helping with the grand venture that was “Orchestra Edition”, especially Orchestra Arranger/Director Sebastian Wolff, Conductor and Arranger Benjamin Wallace, and Chorus Arranger/Director Jesse Buddington. Extra thanks go out to Michaela and Laura for helping as Concert Masters online and onsite, to the MAGfest staff and ops teams under Steph, and to our AV and Tech crew Tommy, Spencer and Doug!

Photos of our performance by Doug Butterworth
Official “MAGfest” video footage of our performance (our own edit coming soon to the internet!)