From Daydreams to Stage – Magfest ’18

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 1.04.25 PM“From Daydreams to Stage”, our behind the scenes presentation at MAGfest 2018 is now viewable on Youtube! >Video Link<
Team members from Super Smash Opera will describe how they tackled the challenges of refining the concept of their original show, designing the props, puppets, and costumes, rehearsing together from across the country, staging the action, and then bringing the production to life with orchestra!” on Magfest’s Youtube Channel


Aria Kart on YouTube

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 10.00.09 AMYou can now watch the world premiere of our newest Super Smash Opera show, #AriaKart, on youtube, filmed live at MAGFest! Endless congrats again to our creative team, our cast, our crew, and our pit orchestra and chorus for a fantastic job:)
Thank you MAGfest (and Steph!!!) for having us back! >Watch the Video <

We did it!… AGAIN!

26219839_1599945676754327_6183333530775577767_nMany thanks again to MAGfest for having us return as Guests this year to premiere our latest creation, “Aria Kart with Live Orchestra”.  It was a smashing success! We had lines out the door, closed the room at capacity (again) AND they were able to stream us LIVE in realtime!   More updates soon, after we get a second to catch our breath!  PHEW!!!!

Currently the whole team are packing up leaving the convention center and are en route to their homes and families. Safe travels and endless thanks again to our fabulous cast, crew, musicians, and fans!

From Daydreams to Stage!

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 8.26.11 PM
CORRECTION, our behind the scenes panel “From Daydreams to Stage” will be at NOON not 1pm as we originally posted online. See us at NOON in Panels 4 for behind the scenes on how we created the first show and our sequel, ARIA KART. QA included!
#magfest #AriaKart

Our Fabulous Orchestra

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 1.42.41 PMAnd now a message from Orchestra Director, Ben Wallace! “Creating Aria Kart for this year’s Magfest has been an immense undertaking for both the cast and the musicians. Alongside writing a new script with all new props and sound effects, (not to mention an entirely new score and selection of songs,) we’ve doubled the size of the orchestra and brought in some super awesome musicians from across the VGM community. Joining us for the premiere of Aria Kart is an all star ensemble comprised of The Videri String Quartet, Triforce Quartet, DiscoCactus, Bassoonify, GameBrass, and a full choir. Special thanks goes out to all of our musicians and collaborators in the orchestra pit for their hard work, fantastic playing, and willingness to show up for a 7:30am rehearsal at Magfest. You guys rock:)” See our show TODAY at MAGfest!!! 6pm in Panels 3 and our behind the scenes panel is sunday at NOON!!!!